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LeafGuard Seamless Gutters: An Excellent Choice in Alabama

Installing Seamless Gutters for Huntsville, AL Homes & Offices

Nobody wants to feel the burn of buying a faulty product that doesn’t meet expectations. That won’t be an issue when you decide to invest in seamless gutters from LeafGuard of Alabama. The LeafGuard gutter system allows rainwater to flow safely away from your structure thanks to its unique patented one-piece design and built-in hood. While other gutter systems may have add-on hoods, hangers, or other gutter extensions, don’t be fooled into thinking they’re the same thing. Those add-ons usually require you to screw or nail them into place, leaving tiny holes in your roof that can become a problem eventually in the form of leaks or voided roof warranties. Set yourself up with a worry-free gutter installation when you call our reputable, Better Business Bureau-accredited company. If you’re interested in learning more about our seamless gutters in Huntsville, Birmingham, or elsewhere in Northern Alabama, please reach out to us to request a free estimate and product demonstration!

How Do LeafGuard Gutters Minimize the Risk for Clogs & Dams?

Standard gutter downspouts may capture rainwater, but they also typically catch twigs, leaves, and other debris that could create a clog or dam over time. The patented design of LeafGuard gutters ensures the water has ample room to travel down and around the built-in curved hood and into the gutter before flowing freely away from your structure. Our gutter system was carefully designed based on the basic principles of molecular attraction. The rainwater clings to the built-in hood, eventually falling into the gutter trough. Debris is less likely to accumulate thanks to the one-piece design, which features a very narrow opening between the hood and bottom. Other multipiece gutter systems often have issues with debris entering the gutter from behind, which raises the risk of the debris becoming clogged inside the system. By preventing leaks from occurring behind your gutters, our rain gutters also help protect your building’s fascia, soffits, and siding. While LeafGuard gutters do not prevent ice dams from happening in the winter, they do help minimize ice accumulation inside your gutters that could cause your gutter hangers to loosen and break away.

The Advantages of Installing LeafGuard Gutters on Your Home

You have many options for leaf protection and rain gutter systems. However, numerous home and business owners have recognized the advantages of installing LeafGuard gutters, which include:

  • Durability – LeafGuard gutters are made of aluminum, so they won’t rust or deteriorate due to exposure to the elements like galvanized steel or copper gutters do. They’ve also been tested to see how much rainfall they can handle, which is over three times the heaviest rainfall recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau.
  • Versatility – LeafGuard gutters are ideal for both flat and sloped roofs, and each system is customized for your roof’s length for a perfect fit. Our system works well, no matter how steep your roof’s pitch. You might even say it works better with steeper roofs. Our products also come in a multitude of colors to complement any home or business exterior.
  • Seal of Approval – Our rain gutters have earned the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Seal of Approval, so you can feel confident knowing many others also trust our products. When you’re looking for seamless gutters near Huntsville or Birmingham, AL, you can’t go wrong with us!
  • Affordability – LeafGuard gutters are a solid investment for your property that you can’t afford to be without. Please contact us to request a free, no-obligation estimate.
  • Follow-Up Service – Our service doesn’t end with your new gutter installation. You can call us for any related follow-up service, including gutter cleaning should you require it, although the system self-cleans for easy maintenance.

LeafGuard of Alabama Would Love to Assess Your Gutter System

Are you dissatisfied with the performance of your existing gutter system? Please contact LeafGuard of Alabama today to request a free assessment and estimate, including a flow check and demonstration of how our guttering system works. Say goodbye to headaches and hassles caused by installing or cleaning your gutters yourself when you call our experienced team to handle it for you. Trust us, you won’t find a more reliable seamless gutter system on the market for your money. Don’t spend another agonizing second trying to distinguish the difference between all of those gutter downspouts and extensions found in the retail chains. Let our trained professionals show you how seamless our rain gutter design is and how efficiently it will function to keep water away from your foundation and roofing!